Robert Hoglund

Robert Hoglund

Robert Hoglund, who goes by Bob, is an artist, illustrator, and creator, but most importantly he is the father of Emily and Jess. Graduating from Edinboro University with his masters in printmaking in 1985, Bob's career as an artist didn't take long to take off. With the help of his late wife, Charlene, he sold artwork all over the world. Some places you may see his work are Disney World in Florida and in an episode of Ghost Whisperer!

Not only is he an amazing artist, he's an amazing person. He has 16+ years of assisted and personal care experience and continues to work in the field to this day. His wife, Char was a paraplegic well before the day they met, and he never ceased to be by her side. After Char's passing in 2007, he began raising two young girls all by himself, in which they later moved up to Pennsylvania where he continued his art business Hoglund Art Inc. 

There's really no words for his incredible artwork, and there's no limitations with him. Between abstract collage, sculpting, comics, and maps, Bob can do it all. A way to describe his artwork would be unique to say the least. He likes to dabble in different genres, but has lately been specializing in recreating universal monsters and other classic horror inspirations. 

Although he used to show his work at galleries and art expos, he has teamed up with his daughter Jess McCaffrey (formerly Hoglund) to sell artwork under Celebration of Spirits at many vending shows, including Gross Fest, Living Dead Weekend, and their own music/art event Celebration of Spirit. 

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